Creating These Tides

by Cavedoll



released June 24, 2010

Recorded, mixed, mastered, produced by Camden Chamberlain @ Kitefishing Studio, Salt Lake City, UT. Artwork by: Facu Delgado.



all rights reserved


Cavedoll Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Money
She's a dirty lover
a cold blooded killer
broke my heart once again
but then she put me right
got me down on my knees
beggin, beggin, beggin please
broke my heart once again
I know she'll put me right

money, money, money
it aint everything
but you better get you some

(she'll) take a pound of your flesh
swallowed whole while it's fresh
broke my spine once again
but then she put me right

(break the beat down and stay low on the vox)

(if) you don't got it, try and get you some
ya got too much ya better give some up ... before ya
lose your mind or lose your soul, ya gotta
ya gotta get it right
Track Name: Burn In This Fire
Buried so deep
misplaced our eyes
buried so deep
love in disguise

my motives shake
look out below
my motives shake
all this for show

Burn in this fire
shoot oh shoot the liar
burn in this fire
shoot oh shoot oh shoot the liar

sleep talking fooled
myself again
can't play this cool

Chewed off my hand
amen amen
R. I. P. band
amen amen

Patterns repeat, stuck on loop, stuck on
this broken beat, stuck on loop, stuck on
Track Name: Born Of The Reptile Lungs
naked inside the throat of fire
thrust out to drift on the desert air
scales on my back keep the sun off
shot through the prism this solar flare

Born of the reptile lungs
yeah, we were, born of the reptile lungs

eye socket shells, ears come alive
scent of the one I'm ready to breathe
feral and lost friends in my head
not again it's been decreed

slither and slide from side to side
looking for rocks, under to hide
stalking the kill, eyes on my prize
everything dies, everything dies
Track Name: Sharks And Sinkholes
Come down off the roof boy, you don't have to die tonight

lifetime spent at sea, tear off the sail, you'll be alright

Watch for sharks and sinkholes (watch out for, watch out for, watch out for)

Last chance take a deep breath, water rising hits your eye

gills grow on your neck, your throat dreams of new air supply

Come down off the roof, pull on your shoes, you'll be alright
Track Name: Sleep
slit my skinny wrist
i want it to end
tear out my tongue
there's nothing to send
these pills, looking nice
i want it to end
battered and bloody
there's nothing to mend

i dont compute
i dont compute
i speak in riddles
you speak in code

awake to nightmares
sleep to escape
sleeping for days
let me sleep here for days


we tried to destroy
the fountain we built
I swung harder
slipped towards the kill
barely a trickle
comes out of the hole
lap it up I do
though it takes its toll

i dont compute
i dont compute
i speak in riddles
you speak in code

awake to nightmares
sleep to escape
sleeping for days
let me sleep here for days


from bed to the couch to the floor to the dirt
i'm spinning through dreams to swallow the hurt
Track Name: Brutal Mathematics
zero one one
take all the fun
wrap it in cellophane
dont come undone

shake off that dress
i'm your hot mess
wrap me in cellophane
yours to compress

brutal mathematics
airwaves filled with static
brutal mathematics
fine lines so erratic

life ticks away
moments decay
wrap them in cellophane
put on display

I'm in the know
only for show
lost months chalk full of pain
reap what you sow

insert tension
get your attention
Track Name: Paper Prison
Walls falling inward
the cell of your mind
nerve ends dont connect
left orphaned and blind

Sleep in the dessert
awake in the snow
sold clothing for drugs
to reach your plateau

you set your own trap, leave nowhere to hide
Cause your destruction, creating these tides

stuck in a paper
prison you designed
blowtorch the celing
that keeps you confined

Smile lies in ruins
it can't touch your eyes
your mask made of skin
is your last disguise

seven years shed off
the scars from the lust
pennance and patience
can reboot the trust

You are my star
and I'm your planet
slow suicide
i'm yours to commit
Track Name: On Jagged Teeth
Eyes rolling back
back of the skull
Skin tightening
shivering's null
moss on my brain
holes in my lungs
nails dig in palms
sandpaper tongue

Snow on the peaks
trace through my sight
lover I'll be
yours to invite
into your arms
into your flesh
blood mingling
forming a mesh

On Jagged Teeth rest
your pale tender skin
The smoke in your eyes
always beckons me in

slide through the limbs
friction to burn
creating a path
barely a turn
thoughts caught in wind
peel off in droves
gaze straight ahead
nearing the grove

in disarray
I long to be
locked in your heart
swallow the key
your gates are closed
but, if they should crack
(there's) no guarantee