Carbombs & Swordfights

by Cavedoll

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released January 1, 2010

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Camden Ray Chamberlain @ Kitefishing Studio, Salt Lake City, UT. Copyright 2008, ASCAP. Produced by Camden Ray Chamberlain and Vanessa Angulo Chamberlain.



all rights reserved


Cavedoll Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Vader
Fire up the generator, this one's going out like Vader

I got no flesh in my seat
No bounce, no soul in my feet
I sink without my white pills
From fire to afternoon chills
Bored black dye, shave my hair off
Grey rogues I've got my share of
That face it makes me queasy
Fly over the big easy

If you want me come on down
Na na na na na na Hey!
If you ever felt me, feel me now
Na na na na na na Hey!

My baby likes to limbo
Her figure be my symbol
I'm lazy-boned and listless
Can't get off my own hit-list
Low fever's keep me up nights
Bugged out 'bout turnin' off lights
Foot cramps up when I'm rockin'
Look left I see you gawkin'
Track Name: Baby Buddha
Baby Buddha tell me good-a
Baby Buddha tell me I shouldn't
Too drunk to hear that tonight
This is no gonna be alright
Baby Buddha when I gonna learn?
Hand in fire gonna get burned
I'm in the lost world now
Lock it up and disavow

I cannot see straight
But I don't hesitate
These thoughts I do sedate
Ignore the twisted fate

I don't want to do what I do
But I have to just to stay alive

Baby Buddha tell me be good-a
Baby Buddha tell me I shouldn't
Strung out and wide awake
Finally had all I could take
Baby Buddha when I gonna learn?
Hand in fire gonna get burned
Don't wanna drop these bombs
But I'm livin' in your palm
Track Name: Down My Spine
layin' on the wheel
you've got the feel
our body clay

cup your hands around
don't slow it down
our body clay

under cover, the curtain call
watch you hover, no strings involved

slide down my spine
down my spine
me plus you
run it right through

i can hear you purr
achin' for the cure
our little death

take a hit to breathe
postpone your sleep
our little death

safe in the fire, in the fire
Track Name: A Time Such As This
Watch me implode, a time such as this
Lights out try to hit reset, we swing and we miss

Take our corners, a time such as this
Midnight push the button down, light on the kiss

Fuck me, I'm yours, better cut me to the core
Fuck Me, I'm yours, I can't breathe I need some more

fall back from the, edge of the cliff
careless cares will get away, we need a lift

this heart pushes, the rock up the hill
through rain and the beating snow, last drop of will
Track Name: Dark Horse Crown
a spectrum dust
delayed mistrust
i need my fix
a tourniquet
I'll blame the drunks
for my good luck
smoke grass all day
the left wing way
give me the pipe
i need a light
that side's on fire
unhinged desire
look out below
they want your dough
a scalpel jail
just off the rail

Lay me down, in the fire
Dark Horse Crown on the wire

We're worn away
too old to say
cap and trade time
the sheik new crime
I need my lids
cut into bits
sagging with age
get off the stage
The fox almost
was my dear host
nipped at my nose
a kill transposed
Take time for weed
medicate me
girls say I'm fake
They're on the take

Die now pale horse, resurrection
with you no force, no direction
Track Name: Push The Pedal Down
You! you are my last chance
you are my last hope
I gotta find you
keep you in my scope

The lights are flashing
in rearview mirrors
look straight ahead I,
see you gettin' clearer

life in the fast lane
my motor rising
four on the floor the sound
is hypnotizing

the trail is still warm
cuttin through downtown
I hear your heart beat, and I .....................

Push the pedal down

Pills! to keep me going
keep my eyes open
hands on the wheel
my blood is flowin'

the city pulses
lit up with steroids
the streets are callin'
callin' to be destroyed

a loaded gas tank
a loaded shotgun
they think they've got me
but I've just begun

the trail it winds through
the heart of downtown
I see the sunrise, and I...

Highway's callin'
there's no stallin'
heatwaves crawlin'
only hear the...
Track Name: October First
whisper in my ear
and tell me that joke
i am dying to hear
every time that we smoke

you catch my breath
in the palm of your hand
give you all that is left
I have no need to stand

I fell in love October first
with the girl who lived next door
She picked me up and quenched my thirst
Yeah my love she lived next door

you slip down my throat
a pill to sustain
you're my chemical coat
keep the rust out my brain

put me out to field
I'm young but I'm spent
there's too much to be healed
there's too much to repent

wide awake now, sun hits the bed
she is the how, the lasting thread
wide awake my limbs protesting
she is the why i'm requesting
Track Name: Core (ft. Patrick Fugit)
sew up my head
put me to bed
chills come and go
a fever, tempo

roll out the sheets
blind on my feet
low to the ground
I will keep, my nose down

no one knows why I burn faster than the sun

bones on the seat
goose bumps, no heat
sign on my head
says that I'm half dead

loosing my cool
to this cess pool
calm but in pain
see my hopes, my hopes drain

inflammation in my tangled core
my lonely hiding sores
last chance for patience
burning out with my nutrition
Track Name: Brittle Bones
China, punk rock
Oracle you like to talk
Sugar Water
Gimme absinthe and vodka
Baby Big Bones
Generals give out quick loans
tight jeans, bad lay
do yourself with no delay

Bimbo, ship can
sore and shakey when I land
screw loose, unglued
call me faithless, call me dude
burned out my voice
please oh please give me a choice
skin cracks, ears bleed
dying tail, on that i feed

brittle bones, pills and late nights
raise a toast under the strip light
brittle bones, you feel your age now
raise a toast, then take your bow

waste me, taste me
i'm the boy you love to hate
pop out my eye
put the pain upon your plate
save me, leave me
you're the one, but i'm so late
guard down, i'm found
eyes are wide, am i too late?

bicycle, painted lady
pink and gold, sex was hazy
Track Name: Sparks On The Street
I hear it
I taste it
I see it
see it coming now!

I smell it
I sense it
I feel it
feel it in the ground

I'll break loose
the restraints
that hold me
hold me in this cage

I want you
I need you
I'll find you
find you and engage

Sparks on the street
Shots in the air
Sparks on the street
come on if you dare

It's all just
a game of
cat 'n' mouse
cat burns down the house

the stakes rise
they're sky high
my scars burn
burning as I drive

They call me
got red eyes
shake off the disguise

The break point
is broken
it's smokin'
ashes ride the wind

one two three
hide and seek
call your name
but my voice is weak
four five six
I need a fix
you are the drug
I can never kick
Track Name: Suicide Proof
roll in, a cup of warm tea
lights on, fire up the second nature
hands down, they're all on the deck
waves are coming now, aint no time for second guessing
life raft, I aint your life raft
smell smoke coming from the generator
big hair, to hide your big head
this is where the ride ends, take your shit and get out

you're rockin' the boat
and you need to sit down
you're rockin' the boat
and you need to sit down
Now I'm suicide proof
I'm suicide proof

ears split, the sound of your voice
bad wig, not a prop thought you would know that
deny your role in all this
tears will fill the corners of the house that you will die in
life raft, I aint your life raft
windows breakin' from the pressure inside
drowning, you try to drag me
down into the depths now, but I gotta get out
Track Name: Out We Go
jump the poles clicking my tongue
tune them out and face the sun
counting down till time is done
jump out the window, go go go!

music loud to calm my brain
jealousy got me insane
pedal down in the fast lane
jump out the window, go go go!

i'm on the road and i'm alone
faces pass, a human drone......

hotel rooms are my downfall
should have listened to your call
sleep has hit a massive wall
jump out the window, go go go!

30 days and 30 nights
a hundred shots, a hundred fights
open up, let in the light
Jump out the window, out we go!

words are lost, the wounds are bleeding (
looking back, the path receding
words are lost, but you're in my head
looking back, i'm better off dead
words are lost, the wounds are bleeding
looking back, the path receding
words are lost, but you're in my head
looking back, I'm DEAD!
Track Name: Loculi
1 am, it's time to
wake and bend, over the
couch, the cliff, rename me
walking stiff

tried them all, those pills both
large and small, 4 hours
raked my back, on knees prone
to attack

drive me to morphine

Sweat beads form, red blanket
keeps them warm, lungs shudder
I inhale, a tube blown
plastic stale

Prop me up, beside my
plastic cup, still starving
for it's love, it's what my
spine dreams of

Sleeping in spurts I dive
into dreams nowhere to hide
Track Name: The Geyser and the Moon
Wake, breath on glass shield
red lights trace my vision
open the shell, take a lungfull
need my head clear, no indecision

I saw the geyser on the moon
Broken ice formed silhouette
Glide down dust worn devil trails
Running faster to forget

Ice, burns like fire
nerves numb, chemical coat
there's no escape, just a respite
a fleeting chance to let last thoughts float

tiny wings, they've taken flight
tiny lights, drift out of sight
memories, disintegrating
left a trail, evaporating
Track Name: Kill The Fox
First impressions never last
fifteen years gone, livin' fast
I was always waiting for you
I just didn't know why
got a face I can't forget
distance becomes our duet
hop a plane to see you my dear
this is it, you and I

(i'll) kill the fox
counting sheep, I'm at a loss
(i'll) kill the fox
and laugh as i cry myself to sleep

dig a hole with your ice pick
take a bite of my attic
shake the seeds out from my mouth
and we'll see what grows
Summer nights out in the dark
skin is warm despite the stark
naked bodies in the grass
I'll go with your flow

Yeah, we're old enough to know what we need
our edges are rough but we're ready to feed
Track Name: Pleased To Meet You
come in and, try me
i taste like, sugar
i think you will agree
once you give me a stir

I wear my hat low
my love in this guise
I'll take all that you know
then turn it into lies

I'm pleased to meet you
and feed off
of your infected thoughts
I took the bait and
now I'm caught
I'm nailed onto the cross

i am a monster
haunting you in sleep
I'll pull you right under
to join me in the deep

She likes her boys tall
(a) bit taller than she
a bleeding heart enthralled
much easier to see
Track Name: Designer Disease
hold it down
keep my head down
lock the door, dont make a sound
keep your head down

pay the cost
by design these drugs
open wide, give them my throat
swallow these drugs

hold it down
keep these pills down
shoving money down my throat
kick the rebound

got a disease
designer disease

hug the floor
like a diamond
no more taste, no more feeling
takes a second

hold it down
keep my head down
lock the door, dont make a sound
keep your head down

ten years gone
ten years gone
Track Name: Starvation
In memoriam
this is how we come
lick the daydreak boys
fester in their noise

sleek and sideways glance
leaves us in a trance
layers of debris
sap our energy

Starvation, you'll starve, you'll starve,
in these times of war
Is there safety in numbers
or just a better chance you'll starve?

kneel down in the road
show how you explode
poison works too slow
hustle and then flow

we cannot sustain
fallout mixed with rain
radiation creeps
finds us in our sleep

cockaroach, cockaroach
sing me a song
a lullaby gone awry
all the night long
Track Name: One More Time
She looks his way
now i dont know what to say
lost her somewhow
walkin down the tightrope now
stuff it down with
pills to take the pain away
ending azepam
in the gut by midday

...and I need your face,
and i need your voice
and i need your touch to pull me back

One more time, please kiss me my dear
One more time, then I'll leave you here alone

sickly manchild
put me out into the wild
cut my teeth right
grow into a bigger bite
lovelorn desperate
broken down, upon my knees
only time can
show us what will be will be

Lovely Suicide
come and take my mind
Track Name: Bear Blast
position down
you're on the line
you take a swipe and then you settle down to dine

You got the look
it's in your eyes
you are the weapon that they try to synthesize

The Bear Blast
consumes you
four, three, two, one and then you blow out

built by design
you take the water and you turn it into wine

your future lives
suck out the details and then store them in the hive

are you interesting

are you so delicious
Track Name: You're All I See
I been countin' em down
as they move around
I tap my feet

feel so wasted
lost my taste
for tainted meat

but now my eyes are blown wide open
but now my eyes are blown wide open

you're all I see

in the darkness
of the night
you are the glow

and now my eyes are blown wide open
and now my eyes are blown wide open

you're all I see

i'm a livin' below
tryin' to take it slow
but you're so real

hold your name
this aint no game
it's you I feel

open your chest
let your fears fall on me
Track Name: Throw Your Love
Rise and shine, it's a brand new day
She's the weather, glad she's coming my way
My roots are short, but with a little rain
they'll borough deeper, oh, she's such a keeper
my eyes (they're) wide, feels like the first time
lost memories, paying dues for my crimes
I'll keep you safer in my heart
a warm blanket, this is how we make it

Our love can break through all of the pain, up and away

Go out and hug someone and let them know you care
throw your love into the air
Go out and take a chance and let them know you're there
throw your love into the air

Sunset, painted cross the sky
Green dress, you certainly caught my eye
hearts (can) heal, with a little love
drink the water, lambs led to the slaughter

Our love will break through all of the pain, we'll tap a vein
Our love will break through all of the pain, (we're) out and away

Go out and hug someone and let them know you care
throw your love into the air
Go out and take a chance and let them know you're there
throw your love into the air
Track Name: Put The Spell (Sonic Me remix)
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Track Name: Dive The Night Away (Batum remix)
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Track Name: The Past That Was (Nonnon remix)
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Track Name: 45 Minute Dance Party (Satoshi Imano remix)
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Track Name: Mexico (Nolens Volens remix)
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